The FASB 842 Timeline Calculator, Gantt Chart & Project Plan

Plug in your dates. Get your plan.

It’s crunch time for FASB 842. The “go live” date for public companies is inside the six month window. And that means a lot of companies are scrambling to meet the compliance deadline.

Turns out, there’s been a major miscalculation around deployment time for FASB 842.

In order to help companies better understand the cycle, we're sharing our timeline calculator, Gantt chart and project plan.

It’s designed to give you a better vision for the project phases, their individual timelines, and the overall timeline. So you can move closer to your “go live” moment with a few less surprises.

What’s inside: 

  • The complete FASB 842 project plan
  • A detailed breakdown of the 9 project phases
  • The individual timelines and date ranges for each project phase
  • A Gantt chart of the complete 123-day project cycle
  • The interactive timeline calculator and project plan builder

The logic used in this calculator is based on 20 years in the lease administration management business.

These are the actual project plans and timelines we’ve vetted thru hundreds of customer deployments across hundreds of thousands of leases.

We know this will help you with your project.

And a word of advice. Whether you are pushing to meet the Jan 1st deadline or a 2020 date... The time to start is now!