Lower Occupancy Costs and Reduce Risk with Comprehensive Lease Management Software

AMTdirect gives you real time access to your full inventory of property, location and lease information, contracts, associated expenses and revenues, and all related documents. Eliminate painful manual tasks with our effective contract management and document integration. Organize all your information with fully automated and workable lease administration software.Try out AMTdirect's lease administration and lease accounting software.

Access location information, documents and transactions from anywhere at any time.

  • Manage all types of leases, including real estate and equipment, in one unified lease administration software solution.
  • Create custom reports or use more than 300 standard reports.
  • Track expirations, renewals, rent changes, security deposits, insurance certificates, terminations and more.
  • Proactively manage critical dates with notifications via email.
  • Drill down to financial and non-financial lease clauses and link to document text.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your accounting or ERP system.

Everything you need at your fingertips

In order to effectively maintain your lease portfolio and grow your company, it is essential to implement a lease management software solution centered on good departmental structure and information flow. Based on our 20 years of working with clients to implement effective solutions, we've developed the essential features for pain-free and effective portfolio administration.

Whether your portfolio consists of leased, owned, or sub-leased locations, detailed information always translates into better management. What's more? AMTdirect is a single solution for all contract types including real estate, equipment, software, and other agreements.

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Smart Lease Administration Software

Facilitate data-driven decisions based on smart and organized management of assets using our comprehensive reporting tool. We have over 300 standard reports that you can easily customize.


Organize all assets in one centralized system for quick access to all location and lease information. Get the information you need any time, anywhere.


Get critical date notifications online and via email. Track expirations, renewals, rent changes, insurance certificates, security deposits, and more all from a personalized dashboard.


AMTdirect is one lease management software solution for all of your leasing needs including real estate and equipment, as well as owned, leased and sub-leased assets. Lease administration and accounting are combined into one complete solution.
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