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Achieve Compliance with AMTdirect

Software for ASC 842 ComplianceThe mandate to comply with the new lease accounting standards (FASB  ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 ) has placed an urgent burden on companies to rethink the way they manage leases and other contracts. AMTdirect offers the industry’s only turn-key solution for FASB / IASB compliance and lease administration. We provide an unparalleled technology solution along with expert implementation and data abstraction services. 

  •   Perform lease classification tests to determine whether a lease is a Finance or Operating lease.
  •   Manage mid-term adjustments by restating any capitalization schedule if the lease terms change.
  •    Account for sub-tenant income in your capitalization schedules.
  •     Generate journal entries that are seamlessly uploaded to your accounting system.
  •     Anytime access to portfolio data and scheduled monthly reports.
  •    Get access to more than 250 standard reports or create your own custom reports and dashboards.

Choose the Ultimate Solution

Choosing the best solution to support your lease accounting compliance efforts is the key to a successful transition. AMTdirect has been helping clients with lease accounting and reporting for more than 20 years. We have the experts on staff to make your transition painless.


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Fully Integrated

AMTdirect integrates with your accounting and ERP systems and sends straightline rent and deferred amounts directly to the system of record without error.


Eliminate the risk of mistakes due to manual calculation or spreadsheet errors. Leverage audit trail tracking and reporting to ensure correct calculations.


Simple and more complex scenarios are supported including multiple FASB schedules per lease, multiple start and end dates per lease, and mid-term revisions.

Expert Support

Our technology is guided by professionals with decades of lease accounting experience. Our team of CPAs, attorneys, paralegals, and lease administrators is standing by to offer you an exceptional implementation experience.  

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