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    The Expert Recommended
    FASB 842 and IFRS 16
    Compliance Solution 

    AMTdirect has been validated by more CPA firms and financial reporting experts than any other solution. Let us help you make the transition to the new FASB, GASB and IASB lease accounting standards before the deadline.

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The Expert Recommended FASB 842 Compliance Solution 

Conquer the mandate to switch to the new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards with the solution that has been validated by multiple CPA firms and financial reporting experts.

Let's Talk Compliance    


Achieve Compliance with AMTdirect

The mandate to comply with the new FASB lease accounting standards (FASB 842) has placed an urgent burden on companies to rethink the way they manage leases and other contracts. AMTdirect offers the industry’s only turn-key solution for FASB / IASB compliance and lease administration. We provide an unparalleled technology solution along with expert implementation and data abstraction services.


How we make you successful:


  • Perform lease classification tests to determine whether a lease is a Finance or an Operating lease.


  • Manage all types of leases, including real estate and equipment in one unified solution.


  • Capitalize Finance and Operating leases under FASB, GASB or IASB (IFRS) standards.


  • Manage mid-term adjustments by restating any capitalization schedule if the lease terms change.


  • Account for sub-tenant income in your capitalization schedules.


  • Generate journal entries that are seamlessly uploaded to your accounting system.


  • Anytime access to portfolio data and scheduled monthly reports.


  • Get access to more than 250 standard reports or create your own custom reports and dashboards.

Why Do Leading Companies Depend on AMTdirect?


Fully Integrated

fasb lease accounting solution

AMTdirect integrates with your accounting and ERP systems and sends straightline rent and deferred amounts right to the system of record without error.

Highly Accurate

lease accounting and compliance

Eliminate the risk of mistakes due to manual calculation or spreadsheet errors. Leverage audit trail tracking and reporting to ensure correct calculations.

Complete Solution

equipment lease accounting

Simple and more complex scenarios are supported including multiple FASB schedules per lease, and multiple FASB start and end dates per lease, and mid-term revisions.

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Learn more about the new lease accounting standards in our FASB Resource Center.

We offer a broader range of in-house professional services than any other provider. We aren't just talking about FASB and IASB compliance, we are implementing clients today.


lease audit serivce


Most of the discussion about the new FASB and IASB standards has been about real estate leases, but some of our clients have found that most of the work will come from other types of leases like equipment and software. During a lease audit, our experts will work with your team to identify all leases that should be included in your FASB, GASB or IASB calculations and reporting.


FASB lease accounting impact calculator


During a FASB/IASB Financial Impact Assessment, we will analyze the financial information you already have in AMTdirect, inform you on what the changes will mean to your portfolio, and let you know the scope of work to implement our FASB/IASB Manager solutions. The assessment covers current procedures, lease assumptions, data, journal entries, and reporting to give you a clear look at the expected impact to your financial statement.


fasb lease accounting implementation


Companies that want expert help assessing current policies, procedures, and organizational structures related to the new lease accounting rules turn to AMTdirect. Our team will work with yours to create maps of the current processes, identify gaps and make recommendations. The entire project will be overseen by a Six Sigma certified MBA. Most engagements will involve one, two, or three on-site visits.




Our turn-key implementation service for the new standards includes:


  • Client Interview and Consultation: We’ll work with you to understand your specific implementation needs. We’ll document your current processes and discuss your plans for operation under the new rules.

  • Lease Data Review: We’ll provide a template that will make it easy for you to collect all of the information needed for each lease. FASB Setup: We will configure the system to address your FASB calculations and revisions.

  • ERP Integration: We’ll create the files necessary to pass journal entries to your accounting solution. FASB Calculations and Journal Entry Review: We’ll validate the accuracy of the FASB/IASB calculations for each lease.

  • Reporting Disclosures: We will customize your disclosure reporting, starting from our standard reports. Training: We will make sure that your team is up to speed with best practices and ready to leverage the AMTdirect FASB/IASB Manager to its fullest.


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