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    Expert Professional Services

    Our team of CPAs, attorneys, paralegals, lease administrators, and Six Sigma professionals is standing by to deliver an exceptional implementation experience.

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Expert Professional Services

Our team of CPAs, attorneys, paralegals, lease administrators and Six Sigma professionals is standing by to assist with everything from implementation to outsourced lease administration.

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 Expert Resources at Your Service

Leasing professionals understand that accurate property and lease information saves time, saves money and protects investments. For more than 20 years, AMTdirect's Professional Services team has led the way in delivering quick and painless implementation and lease abstraction services.

We employ a team of specialists including attorneys, paralegals, lease administrators, technology experts, and accountants to act as an extension of your team during your AMTdirect implementation. We understand the importance of getting the job done right, and our experienced staff of professionals is available to deliver implementation services tailored to your unique needs.

Implementation Approach

We have developed an on-boarding approach that, based on our years of experience with hundreds of clients, is designed to get you up and running quickly and painlessly. Here are some highlights:

The On-Boarding Kick-Off Call

During this call, we will work with your team to define your objectives and long-term success criteria for AMTdirect.  This will help us create your Success Roadmap, which will guide our efforts during the implementation process and beyond.  You will be introduced to your Implementation Manager who will oversee the technical setup of your solution.

AMTdirect System Design Sessions

This series of three sessions will lay the foundation for your use of AMTdirect. We’ll work together to define the infrastructure for your solution and provide the high level information you’ll need to ensure a smooth implementation and deployment.

AMTdirect Essentials Workshop Series 

The AMTdirect Essentials Workshop Series is an interactive learning experience designed to get you started on your journey to proactive, efficient and painless management of your entire real estate portfolio. Each workshop is delivered live online and is personalized for your organization.

Learn more about the new lease accounting standards in our FASB Resource Center.