CFO Magazine Presents
Lease Accounting - Compliance & Beyond 

What CFOs Need To Know About the New Lease Accounting Standards

FASB lease accounting standards are changing. Under the new rules, most leases will become capitalized. This will have a profound impact on the balance sheet for many organizations.

This eBook examines how the new guidelines will not only impact accounting and financial reporting, but also IT systems and processes, budgeting, and operational functions.

Topics explored in this eBook include:

  • Looking beyond the core departments of finance and real estate to build the right team to deploy a comprehensive approach to lease management

  • Developing a realistic budget for all of the resources needed to ensure compliance, including technology and people

  • Defining the processes for compliance, including classifying leases, validating existing data, extracting new data, and establishing a timeline for completion

  • Leveraging lease data to improve visibility and enhance decision-making going forward