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The Lease Administration + Accounting ROI Calculator

Determine how much time & money you could save by implementing an automated solution


Struggling with Manual Processes and Spreadsheets?

Automating your lease management process is a no-brainer. You can save serious man-hours and dollars (and ensure compliance with the new lease accounting standards at the same time). Just how much money & time can you save? Use our Lease Administration and Accounting ROI Calculator to get an estimate on your specific savings.

Once you have your numbers in hand, schedule a demo to see our industry-leading solution in action. 


Number of real estate leases

How many real estate leases do you have that are longer than 12 months?
0 200K

Number of equipment leases

How many equipment leases and other assets do you have?
0 10000

Average time it takes to process one lease in hours

What is the average time it takes your team to process one lease under the new accounting standards?
0 300

Number of full-time employees managing your lease portfolio

How many full-time employees and/or consultants help manage your lease portfolio?
0.0 100