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Why All This Talk About Customer Success?


And what exactly is a Chief Customer Officer?

In Part 1 of our 2 part series on Customer Success, AMTdirect’s Chief Customer Officer, Taft Tucker, explains AMTdirect’s focus on “customer success” and how the company is changing to ensure the success of its diverse and growing user community.

Since its founding, AMTdirect has worked hard to be a customer-focused organization.  From the sales process, through implementation and beyond, we’ve committed ourselves to earning your trust, supporting you tirelessly and building lasting relationships.  In fact, as many of you know, we operate on a first name basis with almost every customer, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Nonetheless, passionate support and a customer service focus isn’t really enough.  We owe you more than that. 

Beyond Customer Service Lies Customer Success

Why do we buy software and technology in the first place?  The reasons are many and varied, but we commonly buy it to solve problems, gain efficiencies, shore up blind spots and reduce risks.  These things make our jobs easier and help us become more successful.  It’s that simple. 

While we enjoy good relationships with our customers, our fundamental goal is to forge lasting partnerships…collaborating with you to deliver solutions and services that make your business more profitable and you personally more successful.   You purchased AMTdirect for specific reasons and expected meaningful results.  Presumably, you chose us because you believed you not only found a software solution that fit your needs, but also a team fully committed to you and your success.  It’s a relationship that will likely last many years, and so we owe it to you to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment year after year. 

With all that in mind, we want to look back to ensure your original goals were met.  We also want to look ahead and unify our development, consulting and support resources to help you achieve results for 2015 and beyond.  This is how we define “customer success” and how we will continue to earn your business for many years to come.  

Under this banner, we are rising to the challenge in a number of new and creative ways.  I will discuss these in greater detail in Part 2 of this series, but for now, here’s an overview of how we’re redefining our mission and approach: 

Sharpening our Focus

We’ve made customer success our number one priority as a business, reminding our organization that making our customers successful is everyone’s job.  Every department is being realigned with this goal in mind, and internal processes are being refined to measure and monitor our results.  We are beginning with improved communication, documenting your success goals via formal business reviews, working with you to identify opportunities and gaps, ensuring you are fully leveraging the tools and resources available and producing results that will benefit your business. 

Building the Team

Personally, my favorite part of the job has always been sitting down with customers, listening to the problems they are trying to solve, unravelling the nuances of their unique situation, and figuring out the best plan for them that creates impact.  Many of us at AMTdirect share this passion, and as Chief Customer Officer, I have been asked to harness this and align our teams by creating metrics and processes that connect us all to our customers’ success.  In this regard, everyone at AMTdirect is a member of our Customer Success Team and will be measured accordingly. 

Building the Library

AMTdirect offers a full slate of great support, consultation and training services.  However, when time or money prevent you from taking advantage of these great services, it’s time for a little DIY.  In addition to the many resources already available in the AMTdirect Help Center, we plan to deliver new materials and resources to help you achieve better results with AMTdirect.  Be on the lookout for great examples of this like the “AMTdirect Insider” newsletter, new training videos, customer success stories, product enhancement updates…and of course, this Blog.

Building the Community

Help guides and reference materials are great, but there’s no substitute for peer-to-peer learning.  More to the point, sometimes it’s just best to get insight and direction from someone just like you…another customer with many of the same needs and challenges.  We plan to bring you all closer together as a community and facilitate opportunities for you to share and learn from one another.  We are documenting customer success stories to share best practices and creative uses of AMTdirect’stechnology.  We also plan to introduce an online forum for you to network and share ideas.

What’s With the Owl?

We’ve selected an icon of an owl to make it easy for you to identify materials related to customer success. When you see the owl, you can be sure that the information being shared is purely educational, non-promotional and designed to help enhance your AMTdirect experience. Why an owl? In Greek mythology, the owl is sacred to the goddess of learning, Athena. Native Americans also associated the owl with wisdom, foresight, and deeper knowledge.  We couldn’t think of a better way to symbolize the intention behind our customer success initiative.

In many ways, 2015 will be a fun, transformative year for AMTdirect and our customers.  We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to share in your success.  As we come together with you to make the changes and improvements I’ve described, we think the future looks bright, and we look forward to celebrating your success (and ours) along the way. 

Posted on 3/9/15 6:00 AM by Taft Tucker in Customer Success, in Leadership

Taft Tucker

Written by Taft Tucker

Taft is the Chief Customer Officer at AMTdirect and is a resident expert about lease administration and accounting. Taft's passion is to share practical, helpful information about our industry.