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Welcome to the New AMTdirect Blog

blog-newWe are delighted that you are reading the inaugural post in the new AMTdirect blog. You might be thinking, “It’s 2015 and you’re just now publishing a blog?” That’s not exactly the case, we’ve had one before, but blogs, like people, sometimes need a fresh new start, so we are renewing our commitment to creating a useful resource for business leaders and real estate professionals. This blog will be about:

Real Estate Asset Management – We’ll talk about the latest trends, technologies and challenges related to real estate asset and contract management. We’ll interview experts and practitioners to bring you practical advice and best practices that will enable you to think more strategically about how your owned and leased spaces are selected, managed and maintained.

Industry Specific News – Many of our customers, prospects and readers are in the retail, healthcare and higher education sectors. This blog will feature news and analysis that is relevant to each. We’ll also cover information impacting restaurants, banks, convenience stores, and other verticals that have unique real estate management needs.

General Technology Trends – There are also more general technology trends that impact those tasked with real estate management. The general shift to the cloud, for instance, affects every aspect of business, so it pays for real estate management professionals to keep up to date on the latest technology trends.

Products – This is a blog, not a brochure, so we won’t use it to try to sell you on the latest thing. Rather, we’ll use it to explain our thinking behind various product innovations to give you deeper insight into our approach to aligning our solution with the needs of the market.

Us – AMTdirect is a unique team of people who work hard to make our customers happy and have fun while doing it. Of course, you don’t want to read all about us all the time, but once in a while we’ll introduce you to members of our team and share a little bit about what it’s like to work here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to join us.

You – Our greatest hope is that this blog will be a place of active conversation, where our readers can post questions to us and each other and we can work together to face the challenges that come from managing commercial real estate. Got topic ideas or suggestions on how to make the site better? We’re all ears!

AMTdirect is proud to be a leader in real estate management technology. We’re also committed to being a useful resource for insight, community and leadership in the space. We’re honored that you’ve joined us. We raise our imaginary champaign glass in a toast to welcome all who come.

Posted on 1/1/15 7:52 PM by Amber Bigler Newman in Careers, in Customer Success, in Leadership

Amber Bigler Newman

Written by Amber Bigler Newman