Insights Recap: Data Hygiene & Maintenance

Posted by Amber Bigler Newman

5/17/16 6:21 PM

For the next couple of weeks we’ll be featuring blog posts based on some of the sessions at our just completed Insights Industry Forum and Customer Workshop. The event was an information packed combination of panel discussions, presentations and class room sessions. Today, we’ll recap the session presented by Bobby Capobianco, one of our crack team of installation managers, on data hygiene & maintenance.

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Topics: Lease Administration, Real Estate Data

Silos are for Grain, Not Data

Posted by Taft Tucker

5/4/15 2:19 PM

A recent study on spreadsheet usage in today’s enterprise revealed just how much time we all spend per month creating, updating, revising, consolidating, modifying and correcting spreadsheets.  Modern office workers average more than 15 hours per month (that’s nearly 2 days a month!) on spreadsheet maintenance.  That’s staggering, and what’s worse is we’ve grown so accustomed to this “routine maintenance” that we’ve lost track of just how inefficient it all becomes. 

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Topics: Real Estate Data

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