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AMTdirect Blog

Lease Management Services & A Cautionary Tale of a New Acquisition

Posted on 6/3/20 10:00 AM by The Team at AMTdirect in leasing software, in lease administration system, in lease administration solutions

This is yet another shocking account of an organization running lease management services without a software solution.

Our second cautionary tale in this eye-opening series reveals how a company missed out on $1 million during the acquisition of a new location. 

Following a five-year plan for expansion, a regional retail franchisee secured a second location in a neighboring city. Because the company only had one site in their portfolio they had grown confident and accustomed to utilizing spreadsheets for their lease management and accounting needs.

After procuring their new location the company wanted to invest in more expansion opportunities. To make their process more efficient hey started researching lease management solutions. After a few in-depth consultations, the franchisee learned something much more valuable than originally anticipated: They discovered $1,000,000 went missing during their acquisition!

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