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AMTdirect and Luminate Capital Announce Strategic Investment

Posted on 11/8/17 12:50 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Leadership, in AMTdirect Team, in Press Releases

CHARLOTTE, N.C. and SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AMTdirect, LLC ("AMTdirect"), a leading provider of lease administration and lease accounting solutions, today announced it has received a strategic growth investment from Luminate Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm.

AMTdirect provides contract management solutions for real estate professionals and lease administrators that efficiently organize all lease and related information in a fully automated system that integrates with ERP and accounting systems.  AMTdirect's SaaS platform provides businesses with anytime access to their full property inventory, lease information, contracts, and associated expenses and revenues.  Currently, AMTdirect's SaaS platform covers real estate and equipment lease contracts that generate over   $40 billion   in global accounts payable payments annually.

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[Press Release] AMTdirect Enters 20th Year with Extraordinary Momentum

Posted on 2/16/16 5:42 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Leadership

Real estate management solution continues product innovation and wins more marque customers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – February 10, 2015 – AMTdirect, the leading provider of real estate management software, announced that it will celebrate its 20th year after posting record breaking growth across all markets in 2015. The company had its third best year of revenue growth and added many prominent new retail brands, while increasing its market share significantly in the healthcare space. In addition, new product enhancements and features were released to support the current and proposed FASB lease accounting standards, and to enhance how customers manage operating expenses and accounts payable. In all, more than 25 new product enhancements were released across the application in 2015.

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Portfolio Management: Necessary Evil or Breakthrough Opportunity?

Posted on 7/7/15 5:54 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Lease Administration, in Leadership, in Corporate Real Estate

When we talk to people involved in corporate real estate, and we ask them how they optimize their locations, we get a lot of different answers. The recurring theme, however, seems to be that they are doing record keeping related to leases in one way or another, some with automation others manually. What most aren’t doing is strategically managing and optimizing the performance of the real estate portfolio as a whole.

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Refresher – Using Strong and Effective Passwords

Posted on 4/9/15 2:06 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Leadership

data security for real estate administratorsIf there is someone out there who gets a dollar every time someone hits the “forgot password” link on an online application, I think they owe me some commission. I use a lot of apps and I have a bad memory, so keeping my passwords straight is not my best skill. As annoying as they are, however, it is important to keep in mind that passwords are one of the most essential tools for protecting our personal and business information and assets. Because they are so easy to take for granted, it’s a good idea for everyone, myself included, to have a password refresher once in a while. I’ve gathered some advice from leading security experts and systems administrators.

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Why All This Talk About Customer Success?

Posted on 3/9/15 6:00 AM by Taft Tucker in Customer Success, in Leadership


And what exactly is a Chief Customer Officer?

In Part 1 of our 2 part series on Customer Success, AMTdirect’s Chief Customer Officer, Taft Tucker, explains AMTdirect’s focus on “customer success” and how the company is changing to ensure the success of its diverse and growing user community.

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Welcome to the New AMTdirect Blog

Posted on 1/1/15 7:52 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Careers, in Customer Success, in Leadership

We are delighted that you are reading the inaugural post in the new AMTdirect blog. You might be thinking, “It’s 2015 and you’re just now publishing a blog?” That’s not exactly the case, we’ve had one before, but blogs, like people, sometimes need a fresh new start, so we are renewing our commitment to creating a useful resource for business leaders and real estate professionals. This blog will be about:

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