Help Your Locations Weather the Storm

Posted by Amber Bigler Newman

1/26/15 4:30 PM

The Weather Outside if Frightful – Helping Your Locations Weather the Storm Shouldn’t Be

blog-weatherAs I write this, a storm of potentially “historic proportions” is getting ready to hit the Northeast.  Surely your first thoughts are about protecting the safety of your staff, customers and visitors. Ours are as well and we hope everyone is safe and that property damage and business interruptions are minimal. Once immediate safety concerns are addressed, business leaders who have been trusted with real estate management have an additional duty to understand the impact of severe weather on each location and sort through the obligations it entails. Here are a few ways that AMTdirect’s visualized location management solution can help.

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Topics: Facility Management, Disaster Recovery

How Facility Management Impacts Your Reputation

Posted by Amber Bigler Newman

1/15/15 7:33 PM

Perhaps not everyone thinks about it this way, but facility management personnel are at the forefront of the company’s risk and reputation management strategy. How you manage and maintain your company’s facilities has a direct impact on how customers, employees and other visitors perceive the organization’s concern for the safety and comfort of the occupants of its facilities. Here are a few ways that business leaders can ensure that each facility enhances, rather than damages the reputation of your business.

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Topics: Facility Management

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