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How Much Are You Overpaying Your Landlord?

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AMTdirect has been helping customers keep occupancy costs down for more than 20 years by supporting effective lease administration and critical date management. But many clients are still paying more for their locations than the lease requires.


Variable charges for leases can be complex and difficult to calculate correctly for both tenants and landlords. Overcharges in common area maintenance, insurance, taxes, repairs & maintenance, construction costs, and more are shockingly common. And let's face it, lease audits are a pain in the neck.

 Let our experts tackle this challenge.

That’s why AMTdirect offers lease audit services designed to help clients identify and correct these errors. Our expert lease analysts do this every day and are skilled at finding overcharges. They review each invoice, looking for potential errors, incorrect calculations, unallowable expenses, and other issues that have you paying too much. We negotiate with the landlord to recover what you’ve overpaid in the past and to ensure that future invoices are correct.  

One client found that they were paying 15% more than allowed under the lease.

Using AMTdirect for invoice reconciliation has a bunch of advantages for clients:

  • Quick recovery of overpaid money
  • Lasting savings over the life of the lease
  • Improved landlord relationships (We’ll be the “bad guy”)
  • Freedom to focus on other priorities

If you are interested in learning more about how AMTdirect might be able to help you recover past overpayments and avoid paying too much down the road, please let us know.

Posted on 8/24/16 6:17 PM by The Team at AMTdirect in Lease Administration, in Professional Services

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