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NRTA Conference 2019: How to Make the Most of Your Time


There’s one place retailers go to hone their knowledge and skills in real estate lease management.

We’re talking about the annual National Retail Tenants Association (NRTA) 2019 Conference where thousands gather for hands-on training every year.

In 2019, the tradeshow is taking place on Marco Island, FL from Sept. 15-18. AMTdirect has made it a priority to attend this important industry event every year, and 2019 is no different. 

There’s a reason why we - and hundreds of other companies - consider it a must-attend conference. Experts in the field lead lectures, courses and workshops. These sessions never fail to impart practical, real world experience to attendees.

Since we’re so excited to be at the conference this year, we’ve put together tips for attendees to get the most out of the 2019 NRTA Conference.

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before You Go

Any seasoned conference-goer will tell you: Preparation is key.

It starts with the practical: Bringing notebooks, pens and a bag to store promotional items you pick up at booths and sessions. You can also consider toting along a pair of comfortable shoes to change into for walking the tradeshow floor.

But preparation also means knowing what questions you want answered.

The NRTA 2019’s format is slightly different from other conferences. Sessions are small - sometimes only 25 people - and attendees are encouraged to bring real-life problems to the table for presenters to give their opinions about.

There’s also an “Ask the Doctor” one-on-one session time. If you’ve done your homework, you can get answers from experts about specific lease administration issues you’re facing.


Don’t Miss These Must-Attend Sessions

The schedule for NRTA 2019 is packed with relevant topics.

No matter your experience or skill level, there’s something for you. 

There are a few courses we’d recommend everyone sit in on, though. Everyone on your real estate and financial teams will have takeaways from these insightful sessions.

Out top 3 are:

Each of these events takes a hard-nosed look at the challenges and benefits of lease accounting compliance and implementing software to accomplish it. With changes such as FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 in place, these topics are mandatory for retail organizations to understand thoroughly.


Sneak a Peek at Marco Island

The conference destination lies on a barrier island off the coast of Florida, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include hitting the beach on our top list of things to do. 

Besides enjoying the sun, sand and surf, you can also sneak away from the sessions to take a boat tour. Features of the getaway include sea-shell hunting and dolphin sightings.

You can also see a ton of wildlife at the numerous parks dotting the island.

If golf is more your style, enter to be a participant in the conference’s tournament at Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club. Or get in your volunteer hours by joining the group for beach cleaning and soup-bowl making.

Even though NRTA 2019 will be full of insightful speakers, it’s worth taking a short break during your time to explore the wonders the outdoors have to offer.


Get Ready to Party

A significant reason to attend NRTA is for the peer networking.

It’s your chance to rub shoulders with people who are facing the same challenges as you are. You’ll get a unique chance to learn from their mistakes and hear their success stories to shape your own strategy.

Because we feel this part of the conference is so important, the AMTdirect team is throwing its own VIP get together. Conference attendees are invited to Kane Tiki Bar & Grill on property at the JW Marriott from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

This is an easy - and free - way to mingle with other attendees in a casual environment.

We just ask that you add your name to the list so we can make sure there’s enough rum & cigars to go around for everyone.


Conclusion: Make the Most of Your Time at NRTA Conference 2019

You’ve proven to your boss you need to be at this show. You’ve gotten a co-worker to cover for you while you’re gone. You’ve set your away message.

Now it’s time to fully invest yourself in the purpose of the conference. Yes, to network with peers. But also to fully immerse yourself in understanding the challenges, wins and opportunities facing the retail industry when it comes to real estate lease management.

We encourage you to make the most of your time.

And don’t forget to stop by AMTdirect’s booth on the tradeshow floor. We’ll have a bar full of candy you can swipe, swag to help you enjoy your time in the sun, and live demos of AMTdirect’s industry-leading lease administration software.

In fact, RSVP for your demo now and we’ll send you an Amazon gift card!

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Posted on 7/22/19 10:00 AM by Haley Martin in Events

Haley Martin

Written by Haley Martin

Haley is the VP of Marketing at AMTdirect. She is focused on bringing relevant information about lease accounting and administration to accountants and corporate real estate professionals.

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