A Central Place to Access Tenant Info

Real estate companies need to manage tenants, find leases, and understand agreements quickly. Without this information readily available, things can quickly get out of hand. Real estate veterans know the dangers: A backlog of tenant requests, confused and frustrated employees, and a melee of data stored at random.

Operational efficiently is closely tied to using a cloud-based solution everyone can access. Building managers, lease administrators, owners, and investors should be able to access the real estate and financial data they need anywhere, anytime. Organizing leases into one central location also means you can address tenant requests quickly and accurately.

In addition, lease administration software for real estate companies makes accounting compliance a snap. FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 represent a catalyst for change in many real estate organizations. Commercial lease software with compliance built into its structure and processes is a must. You'll be able to check the new accounting standards off your list while managing the day-to-day of real estate lease administration.



ABS Partners Real Estate Saved $17,000 & 650 Hours
by Automating Its Lease Administration Processes 

Learn how a real estate giant got anytime, anywhere access
to critical information to improve management reaction times and decision making.


ABS Partners trusts AMTdirect with all its lease administration needs.


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Lease Administration at Its Finest

"AMTdirect’s proactive date tracking and custom reporting are automating notifications, increasing awareness, and eliminating costly manual processes for us.”

ABS Partners

Painless Real Estate Lease Management

Take the struggle out of lease administration for your real estate company. AMTdirect will save you hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars a year. And you'll get rid of the headaches related to the new accounting standards. Ready for a helping hand
when it comes to your leases? Reach out to our pros today!


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