Uncomplicated Lease Accounting for Your Growing
Hospitality Business

AMTdirect can handle all your lease administration needs.

Franchises. Company-owned stores. Sub-lease agreements. It's what restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses deal with on a daily basis when it comes to lease administration. And organizing multiple lease agreements and locations can be overwhelming.

And for restaurant and hospitality companies with a large portfolio of leases, the new FASB ASC 842 standard will have a huge affect on:

  •   Gathering & summation of existing lease information
  •   Existing business processes
  •   Internal control structures
  •   Financial debt covenants and financial metrics

There are a lot of challenges. And that means managing individual locations separately is not an option. 

Enter AMTdirect lease administration software. Our cloud-based solution allows corporate to track contracts and lease dates all in one place. Plus, it's fully compliant with all lease accounting standards. It's a win-win smart hospitality companies can't resist.

Arby's Franchisee Says Yes to AMTdirect

Learn how restaurant franchisee and retail company The Erie County Investment Company relies on AMTdirect to save major dollars on lease accounting processes.

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Automate Notifications

Missing critical dates can hurt you. AMTdirect provides automated alerts so you're always updated and current.


Never Overpay Again

Control expenses with CAM reconciliations and automated CPI and Percent Rent calculations for income and expense leases.

Reports When You Need Them

Make smart decisions faster. Get your hands on hundreds of reports to understand stores, sales forecasts, and data silos.

Access Built-In Compliance

You don't need to worry about new lease accounting standards like FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16. It's fully integrated with our software.