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Time is money. And that's never been more true than in the modern business world. C-suite executives and their teams have to manage a demanding portfolio of leases. Manual processes that employ spreadsheets and filing cabinets just don't cut it anymore.

Companies that provide business services need a cloud-based tool where team members can access lease information online. And they need automated reports that show exactly where they can reduce costs and be more efficient operationally.

With AMTdirect's lease management system, you'll get a ton of small features that make a big impact on your bottom line.

  •  Innovative lease reporting - access hundreds of custom reports at your fingertips.
  •   Robust document management capabilities.
  •   Data to help coordinate and optimize your location strategy.
    •   Automatic monitoring of expirations, renewals, rental changes, insurance certificates, terminations and critical dates.

On average, AMTdirect users save 6 percent on their real estate lease management costs and hundreds of man hours by taking advantage of our software. They've reaped the benefits of moving their lease data to a central location and ditching old school processes.

Locations, Locations, Locations

We know you're constantly looking for the best way to expand your business. Our software is designed to help you make quick and confident decisions so you can do just that. Reach out to get started today!


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AMTdirect provided Goodman Manufacturing Company with a cloud-based solution that eliminated the silos of information and allowed the team to meet their goals.

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