The FASB 842 Equipment Lease Checklist

Your answer to the new accounting standards.

Let's face it...there's been a lot covered when it comes to FASB 842 compliance for real estate leases, but not much when it comes to equipment leases.

Truth is, if you're in an equipment-heavy industry, you could have thousands of contracts to go through.

And if you're like the 27% of finance and IT professionals who said they're not confident about being able to meet the deadline...time's not your friend.

The struggle is real.

That's why our team combined their 20 years of experience to put together this FASB 842 Equipment Lease Checklist.

You'll get:

  • The 3-no brainer steps to proper equipment lease compliance
  • Specific sub-tasks under each step to guide you along the way
  • An explanation of why each step is important 
  • Insider tips to make the process as efficient as possible
  • More helpful FASB 842 resources 

Use this checklist to organize your team, update your equipment leases, and stay on track with compliance. 

Download it now!