The FASB 842 Cheat Sheet

Shortcut your way to success with the new FASB lease accounting standard.

The compliance deadline for companies to implement the FASB 842 accounting standard are upon us. And there's not much time to work with considering it takes 4 - 6 months on average to make compliance a reality.

You need a solution...and fast.

That's where The FASB 842 Cheat Sheet comes in. 

Inside it you'll find:

  • Answers to critical FAQs
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Statistics and reporting from industry experts
  • A practical checklist of to-dos 
  • A comprehensive list of links for more information

It’s your quick & dirty guide for the new lease accounting standard. Use it to execute your implementation in the least amount of time, effort and expense.

Download it today!