Achieve Compliance with AMTdirect

AMTdirect's software helps you achieve FASB ASC 842 compliance.Thanks to the new accounting standards, FASB  ASC 842, you're shouldering an urgent burden to rethink the way you manage leases and contracts. AMTdirect offers the industry’s only turn-key solution for lease accounting and lease administration. We provide unparalleled lease software technology, expert implementation, and data abstraction services. 

  •   Perform lease classification tests to determine whether a lease is a Finance or Operating lease.
  •   Manage mid-term adjustments by restating any capitalization schedule if the lease terms change.
  •    Account for sub-tenant income in your capitalization schedules.
  •     Generate journal entries that are seamlessly uploaded to your accounting system.
  •     Access portfolio data and scheduled monthly reports in real time.
  •    Access more than 300 standard reports or create your own custom reports and dashboards.

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Choose the Right Solution

Choosing the best lease accounting solution for compliance can be hard...but it's essential for a successful transition to the new accounting laws. AMTdirect has been helping clients with lease accounting and administration for more than 21 years. We've got the experts on staff to make your transition painless.


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Fully Integrated

If you've got accounting and ERP systems, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive integrations send straightline rent and deferred amounts directly to the system of record without error.


Spreadsheets are old school. They're manual and often riddles with mistakes from manual processes. Leverage our lease accounting software for tracking audit trails and automating reporting. Your numbers will be right every time.


We can handle complex scenarios. From multiple FASB schedules per lease, to multiple start and end dates per lease, to mid-term revisions... no problem.

Expert Support

With over 21 years in the industry, our team knows a thing or two about lease accounting. Our team of CPAs, attorneys, paralegals, and lease administrators is the reason we have the best implementation & onboarding experiences in the industry.