The Complete Guide to FASB ASC 842 Implementation Challenges

Avoid the common mistakes.

You know what FASB ASC 842 is. You know the deadlines. But, have you identified all the complications, roadblocks and challenges?

This guide provides a clear and candid outline of the mistakes and trials you'll most likely encounter along the way.

What’s Inside the ASC 842 Implementation Guide:

  • The 6 points of failure companies face as they navigate the rules 
  • The 30 data points you'll need to collect and abstract from every lease
  • The 7 costly misconceptions companies encounter   
  • The 5 common mistakes almost every company makes
  • The 5 surprising implementation secrets solution providers don’t tell you
  • The outline and timeline for best practice deployment 
  • Helpful tips and links to dozens of resources on ASC 842 compliance

It’s your guide on what not-to-do as your team navigates the new lease accounting standard.

Discover the challenges in advance and complete the process with the least amount of time, expense and disruption.