Real Estate Accounting

AMTdirect provides a streamlined and integrated real estate accounting and financial compliance solution.

  • Quickly and accurately answer real estate finance questions from executives

  • Generate scheduled reports and communicate effectively

  • Save time by eliminating spreadsheets and other information silos

Feature Highlights

Our real estate accounting solution addresses all of your real estate financial information needs. All features are easy to set up and use and are fully integrated with the rest of the AMTdirect solution.

Accounts Payable  

  • Monthly rental invoices by region, portfolio, or individual location
  • Manual invoice creation options 
  • Specify different vendors for individual charge items of base rental, CAM, taxes, etc., for same location 
  • Integration with accounting system's accounts payable and billing applications
  • Detailed historical payment reporting by batch, vendor, facility and lease

Accounts Receivable  

  • Track and bill recoverable operating expenses
  • Perform manual billing adjustments for NSF checks, billings and credits
  • Enter and post all cash receipts against tenant balances
  • Maintain accurate transactional history for all billings
  • Full reporting for Aged Delinquencies, Tenant history, Cash Receipts, Invoices and Statement

Percent Rent  

  • Calculate Overage Rent
  • Calculate Percent in Lieu
  • Sales Exclusions by Amount and Percent
  • Recapture Lease Charges
  • Multiple Breakpoints and Rates

Consumer Price Index  

  • Eliminate the need for reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Automatically setup your CPI Charges
  • Auto calculates current CPI charges and future CPI increases
  • Complete integration with Date Tracker so you never miss another CPI increase

Operating Expense (OPEX)  

  • Track all reconciliation activity by facility/ lease, by year, over entire lifecycle of each location
  • Determine percentages instantly for comparison of year over year charges
  • Enter detailed landlord expense invoices by facility/ lease
  • Track expenses by unlimited user defined billing types (CAM, tax, insurance, landscaping, janitorial, etc.)
  • Enter annual landlord statements by facility/ lease, billing type and year
  • User defined expense inclusion pools
  • AMTdirect calculates the reconciliation charge and compares that to the landlord statement and notifies user of any discrepancies by individual expense inclusion

Rent Tax

  • Unlimited Tax Codes
  • Unlimited Tax Groups
  • Tiered Tax Hierarchies
  • Track Changes to tax percentages over time
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting
  • Apply to any payment/receivable type

13 Period Accounting

  • Auto calculates on actual posted transactions
  • Date and Period processing
  • Batch processing to ensure accounting controls
  • Apply to any Payment/Receivable type
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting

Regulatory Compliance

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • FASB


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