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Find the management tool to get the job done right.

Integrate your portfolio with active management that lets you focus on the top-level decisions that help your organization grow.

Accounts Payable Manager

  • Create monthly rental invoices by region, portfolio, or
    individual location
  • Manual invoice creation capabilities
  • Specify different vendors for individual charge items of base rental, CAM, taxes, etc., for same location
  • Integration with accounting system's accounts payable and billing applications
  • Detailed historical payment reporting by batch, vendor, facility and lease

Accounts Receivable Manager

  • Quickly track and bill recoverable operating expenses
  • Perform manual billing adjustments for NSF checks, billings and credits
  • Enter and post all cash receipts against tenant balances
  • Maintain accurate transactional history for all billings
  • Full reporting for Aged Delinquencies, Tenant history, Cash Receipts, Invoices and Statements
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Completely integrated with all other modules of the AMTdirect system

Percent Rent Manager

  • Calculate Overage Rent
  • Calculate Percent in Lieu
  • Sales Exclusions by Amount and Percent
  • Recapture Lease Charges
  • Multiple Breakpoints and Rates

Consumer Price Index Manager

  • Never have to look at another report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Automatically setup your CPI Charges
  • Auto calculates current CPI charges and future CPI increases
  • Complete integration with Date Tracker so you never miss another CPI increase

Operating Expense Manager - (OPEX) Manager

  • Track all reconciliation activity by facility/ lease, by year, over entire lifecycle of each location
  • Determine percentages instantly for comparison of year over year charges
  • Enter detailed landlord expense invoices by facility/ lease
  • Track expenses by unlimited user defined billing types (CAM, tax, insurance, landscaping, janitorial, etc.)
  • Enter annual landlord statements by facility/ lease, billing type and year
  • User defined expense inclusion pools
  • AMTdirect calculates the reconciliation charge and compares that to the landlord statement and notifies user of any discrepancies by individual expense inclusion

Rent Tax

  • Unlimited Tax Codes
  • Unlimited Tax Groups
  • Tiered Tax Hierarchies
  • Track Changes to tax percentages over time
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting
  • Apply to any payment/receivable type
  • Fully integrated into AP and AR modules

13 Period Accounting

  • Auto calculates on actual posted transactions
  • Date and Period processing
  • Batch processing to ensure accounting controls
  • Apply to any Payment/Receivable type
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting
  • Fully integrated into AP and AR modules

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