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Let our software do the work for you.

AMTdirect was created in 1999 as a SaaS (Software as a Service) web-based solution to help companies save significant amounts of money and improve the life-cycle management of their real estate assets. Our complete real estate solution provides software and consulting services to enable companies to actively manage their real estate assets intelligently and efficiently.

Real Estate Administration

By using our Lease Administration Software, you turn the power of real-time data gathering into a competitive advantage.

Real Estate Accounting

A time-saving way around traditional data gathering and organizing. Our Real Estate Accounting modules integrate and streamline communication.

FASB Administration

Our enhanced database provides a complete financial engine equipped with reporting tools to fully support FASB standards.

Project Management

Reaching project cost and deadline targets is easy with our Project Management Module at your command.

Facility Management

Imagine the advantages of anytime access to the complete history of all of your properties.


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