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In many companies, real estate is the 2nd biggest expense line item, but ...

Although real estate costs are second only to labor in most retail, healthcare, and higher education organizations, many corporate real estate teams don't have modern management and decision support solutions at their disposal. On top of that, new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards are about to shine a bright light on leases by bringing them to the balance sheet.

Your organization probably uses sophisticated workforce management software to utilize staff effectively. Why wouldn't it also leverage the industry's most successful real estate management and equipment leasing system to optimize and control costs for every location and equipment lease?



Lease Administration Software

Real Estate Management Software

Real Estate & Equipment Leasing

Centrally organize and manage locations, contracts, maintenance items, dates, and obligations. 

Lease Managment Solution


Decision support for location performance assessment, project and facilities management.

Comercial Real estate management


AMTdirect offers the acknowledged industry leading solution for FASB compliance and reporting.

How Can We Help?

For 20 years, AMTdirect has been helping companies shift away from the routine day-to-day handling of their properties and equipment leases to a strategic, integrated portfolio management plan that saves money and improves business operations.
Our software solution includes innovative reporting capabilities, accounting integrations, and project management features that bridge the gap between corporate real estate and the rest of the organization.  We also offer the most complete FASB compliance solution for real estate and equipment leases on the market. With our turnkey service offer, we take the hassle out of preparing to meet the new standards.
Our professional services experts can become an extension of your team tackling everything from data abstraction to turn-key real estate administration. 
What's more, AMTdirect has a unique focus on customer success. Great technology and services are not enough. We're not successful until you are meeting your business goals.
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